Meet the Team


Founder: Ashira Beutler-Greene, Ph.D.

Ashira is a media curator and curriculum developer inspired by contemporary forms of community-building with an intellectual bent. Since publishing an article on outreach to Jewish young professionals in Washington, DC in the Forward , she has enthusiastically supported domestic socio-cultural initiatives such as 2239, GatherDC, Moishe House, and OneTable. Internationally, she contributed to an early marketing campaign for the Sir Menasseh Meyer International School in addition to serving as a lay leader in the United Hebrew Congregation of Singapore, and facilitated an Art Jam at Moishe House London. She is an alum of Jews in the Woods, and her favorite film genres are Documentary and Musical.


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Summer 2020 Launch Team:

Rabbi Heather Miller

Rabbi Miller founded Keeping It Sacred, a center for accessible, relevant, and empowering sacred Jewish text study. She has designed Jewish educational curriculum in the day school, religious school, and graduate school settings. Rabbi Miller was raised in an interfaith family, and proudly serves on the board of the Women’s Rabbinic Network and is a member of the CCAR. She wrote Re(Soul)utions: A Practical Guide to Self-Repair, and was awarded the Giant of Justice Award from Clergy and Laity United for Economic Justice in 2018. 


Summer 2020 Launch Team:

Molly Flanagan

Molly is a senior at Wellesley College majoring in Cinema and Media Studies. As a Sociology minor, she is interested in the connection individuals have with films, and how a narrative can change their perspective. Her favorite film genres are Documentary and Horror.


Summer 2020 Launch Team:

Ilana Tamir

Ilana is a junior at Wellesley College, majoring in Media Arts and Sciences as well as Spanish. They are interested in how film reflects culture and societal trends. Their favorite film genres are Comedy and Animation.